Over a Decade
of Experience.

KERN Marketing Group and our contractor clients have seen great success working together over the past 15 years. We’ve worked with everyone, from construction, to landscaping, to plumbing, and anything in between. Learn more about how we help our contractors dominate their local market.

What We Do.

KERN Marketing Group is a full-service Creative Marketing and Advertising Company combining marketing strategy, creative thinking, and targeted execution to deliver impact in the marketplace. We work closely with our clients and view ourselves as an extension of the company we are working with – their marketing team.

*current & past clients

Our Method.

Our approach is centered on the idea, the people and the purpose. The interactive partnerships we build with our clients are key–businesses ranging in size from startups to firms ready to take things to the next level, to regional, state and governmental entities.

The Client.

The Idea.

The Results.

No matter what the medium, the starting point is an idea and an interactive creative process to market your business and your brand and increase your bottom line